[STM 22] Make Your Own Luck!

In life we often blame luck and hear statement like, “Oh! That guy is so lucky” or “I am not so lucky” but the reality is we can make our own luck, we can’t keep complaining the world, people, situation or circumstances for failures. We need to rise above the complaining attitude and need to make … [Read more...]

[STM 15] Psychology of Successful People

Aristotle, says, 95% of everything you do is the result of habit, The great question for success is, what are the habits of successful people? Why is it that some people have positive thinking patterns, while others do not? What determines your self-concept for success? Many successful people … [Read more...]

[STM 14] Tips To Make 2015 An Awesome Year!

Do you want to make 2015 the best and most successful year of your life? I want to explain what you can do to make it happen! These tips are very practical and easy to do, but they will be greatly beneficial to your success. Keep reading and I will show you how… HOW TO MAKE 2015 AN AWESOME … [Read more...]