[STM 22] Make Your Own Luck!

In life we often blame luck and hear statement like, “Oh! That guy is so lucky” or “I am not so lucky” but the reality is we can make our own luck, we can’t keep complaining the world, people, situation or circumstances for failures. We need to rise above the complaining attitude and need to make … [Read more...]

[STM 20] 7 Steps To Solve Any Problem

We have often been in a crisis situation where we press the panic button or see ourselves in catch 22. Many don't convert these situations into their favor or look for a greater benefit by making the issue in ones favor rather making foes or leave a sour taste in the mouth with close … [Read more...]

[STM 19] 8 Personal Development Discipline

We can achieve anything in life, ironically, very few people achieve what they want, usually they become victim of hanging in their comfort zone which locks their creative brains in order to think about their unique talent they are born with, nurture that talent which will enable them to live a life … [Read more...]