[STM 1] Dream! Dream Big


Dream! Dream Big, doesn’t this sound cliché? As we have been listening or reading about the, aforementioned, by great leaders, writers or speakers, speaking at length in their books or speeches but for most it may strike a chord for certain sessions but once one gets busy in daily life, dreaming big just becomes a distant dream.

That being said, should we stop dreaming big! The answer is “No not at all” or should we start thinking people who dream irrationally and achieve success belong to planet Mars, consequently, which also not holds true.

What is the missing link?

I’ll crack to be as simple as I can; we just need to develop a habit of seeking self-appointment and spent some time (perhaps 30 minutes) in isolation anytime during the day (whatever is our most productive hour during the clock) and just need to ask these 3 questions:
a) What do I want from life?
b) What is my special talent?
c) What steps to take in order to achieve point a and b?

Keep doing this unless the answer is registered. (Irrespective of how long it may take to get an answer)
One of my dream was to get rid of the 9-5, run of the mill life, I never wanted to lead a life which has “game over” written before the game started, means, we all know the script of the official life how it goes? And how it grinds? I just wanted to give a new meaning to enjoying life -24/7, by doing only what I like to do? I selected to be an entrepreneur (see bio for more info) I was never worried about the result I was only interested in the journey just the way I wanted.

We should always remember, we all are special and have unique/exceptional talents installed by default within us by the master programmer [read: Almighty] therefore, we should not worry about the consequences just ponder on the present and live the life that one wants to lead.

There are numerous examples in life, who overruled the status-quo, they only think and think big, and went on to do what they were born to do and became eternal, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci etc.(the list can go on forever).

A thousand dreams die unborn every day because the dreamer lacks the courage to take the first step and that first step is: NOW, it’s all about starting NOW, steal the life that is waiting for all of us and start living the dream run, else, never forget, today’s cash cow can be tomorrow’s mad cow.

As is said by Napoleon Hill: “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve”.

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